Eworld | faq

Frequently asked questions

Eworld.ltd is online excganger, you can exchange your ewallet money such as skrill,neteller,payoneer,perfectmoney, btc,ltc etc to cash by bkash,rocket,bank etc .. 

Go to homepage/exchaner page,select how/what you want to send us and how/what you want receive from us ,enter amount on send amount ,click proceed and follow next steps

Please check on our reserve option,whatever is not listed in our reserve option that means we dont allow to exchange it

Please check our exchanger,select how/what you want to send us and what you want to receive from us,it will show you current price.

We are sorry here,If you dont like our rates you may find for another exchanger,thanks for visiting our site

Our service time 10am to 11pm,beside this you can check service online or offline on top under menu

We are not promised to have all dollars all time,you may check again after a while .we dont have any time frame to be available "X" dollars

Normally we complete exchange in 2-3 minute ,some time it can be take 15 minutes maximum,if you don't receive in 15 minute kindly contact us

Minimum exchange limit Very depending on gateway ,please go to exchanger and select your exchange gateways and enter your expected amount, if the amount is our Bellow our minimum/maximum limit its will show error that its under or over limit ..     

we never said you to trust us.this is totally up to you.